Our commitments
in 2020

Purchase like partners

Long-term relationships with our suppliers!

Designlike visionaries

Furniture that is as beautiful as it is ecological!

Tradelike citizens

Our retail outlets are all environmentally-friendly!

Commitlike enthusiasts

Because we take care of all environments!

Our relationships with our suppliers are key to producing the collections devised by our stylists. Through an approach based on progress, we are devoted to building a long-term relationship and fostering partnerships which allow us to combine sustainability and creativity.

Our stakes

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Sustainable management of resources

68% of the wood furniture offering

meets a sustainability criterion (traced wood, certified wood, recycled wood, eco-design product) namely 2,700 references.

2020 Ambition : Systematise the use of wood from sustainably managed forests.

67% of our Indian furniture suppliers

committed to our traceability programme with the Earthworm Foundation.

2020 Ambition : 100% of Indian strategic suppliers committed to the programme.

Our suppliers

91% of our suppliers

are signatories of the Supplier code of conduct.

2020 Ambition : 100% of our suppliers are signatories of the code of conduct.

89% of our strategic suppliers

were audited over the last two years, with 150 social audits performed in 2020.

2020 Ambition : 100% of our strategic suppliers audited according to social criteria every two years.

Control of chemical substances

98% of suppliers

are signatories of the chemical substances specifications.

2020 Ambition : 100% of suppliers signatories of the chemical substances specifications.

More than 1,300 tests

were carried out in 2020.

2020 Ambition : Anticipated replacement of non-regulated chemical substances that pose a problem.

Our actions
in 2020

They talk about it
better than us!

Julie Walbaum
Maisons du Monde's CEO

In response to the loss of biodiversity, change will have to be brought about collectively. Our brand reaches over six million customers. We also have an excellent awareness-raising platform to promote responsible growth.

Maisons du Monde has just completed a very successful project for the Jane Goodall Institute to preserve biodiversity and chimpanzees in the Gombe National Park in Tanzania. Despite the period of lockdown and all the hardship, you continued to support us and that made a huge difference.

Following the Christmas solidarity action taken by Maisons du Monde, we received many donations. When we opened the boxes we found some fun mugs, nice plates and pretty rugs, among many other handy items! On behalf of the whole team at Emmaus Galicia, we would like to express our gratitude and share it with you.

I am honoured and proud to be the CSR referent. I am the team's little hummingbird. The one who, drop by drop, enables my shop to consume less and better. I am doing my fair share, as the legend says, gradually leading my colleagues to follow the movement.

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