Our commitments
in 2018

Purchase like partners

Long-term relationships with our suppliers!

Designlike visionaries

Furniture that is as beautiful as it is ecological!

Tradelike citizens

Our retail outlets are all environmentally-friendly!

Commitlike enthusiasts

Because we take care of all environments!

Our relationships with our suppliers are key to producing the collections devised by our stylists. Through an approach based on progress, we are devoted to building a long-term relationship and fostering partnerships which allow us to combine sustainability and creativity.

Our stakes

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Sustainable management of resources

60% of the wood furniture offering

meets a sustainability criterion (traced wood, certified wood, recycled wood, eco-design product) namely 1,362 references

2020 Ambition : Systematise the use of wood from sustainably managed forests

92% of our Indian furniture suppliers

committed to our traceability programme with the TFT organisation

2020 Ambition : 100% of Indian strategic suppliers committed to the programme

Our suppliers

562 suppliers

are signatories of the Supplier code of conduct, 79% of buying volumes

2020 Ambition : 100% of our suppliers are signatories of the code of conduct

75% of furniture product heads

and 47% of decoration product heads have been trained in social audits

2020 Ambition : 100% of product heads trained in responsible purchases

72 strategic suppliers audited

in 2018, namely 58% of strategic suppliers audited over the past two years

2020 Ambition : 100% of our strategic suppliers audited according to social criteria every two years

Control of chemical substances

96% of suppliers

are signatories of the chemical substances specifications

2020 Ambition : 100% of suppliers signatories of the chemical substances specifications

More than 1300 tests

were carried out in 2018, compared to 1,200 in 2017

2020 Ambition : Anticipated replacement of non-regulated chemical substances that pose a problem

Our actions
in 2018

They talk about it
better than us!

Julie Walbaum
CEO Maisons du Monde

Our first CSR plan with the “2020 ambitions” shows great results thanks to the mobilisation of key functions. Our commitment are visible through to our customer retail outlets and are embodied by our teams and supported by our CSR reference people.

In each of the company's services, a roadmap allows environmental and social criteria to be integrated into our projects and our actions. This coordination guarantees our CSR performance and shared governance.

As a CSR reference person, I was able to set up concrete actions in my store. Today, for example, we reuse certain packaging and sheets of paper, we recycle used light bulbs, and we no longer forget to switch off the light when we leave the storeroom! “We” because my role also involves talking to my colleagues about the actions set up by Maisons du Monde, including the ARRONDI en caisse operation, so that they can tell our customers about it.

I help Maisons du Monde to implement support and monitoring audits among its strategic suppliers. These diagnoses use a friendly, pragmatic, and constructive approach in order to ensure that the social and environmental values are understood and applied, and that they are integrated into the partner’s culture. We do not judge the factory when doing the audit, but rather their wish and their ability to improve themselves. This performance progress and improvement approach was discussed at the inter-supplier event in September 2018.

We have supplied curtains for Maisons du Monde since 2006 and furniture since 2013. We are proud to be one of Maisons du Monde’s suppliers, one of the industry leaders in home decoration and furnishing. Last September, we were able to talk with other Maisons du Monde suppliers faced with the same social challenges as us. It was very enriching to share our experiences and our solutions in order to improve the daily life of our employees.

Maisons du Monde is one of the active members of the Club Génération Responsable which brings together retailers. Since 2015, we have worked together to help responsible retailing to grow. This year, Maisons du Monde received three “R-Awards”, the fruit of common work by the Maisons du Monde’s teams and its partners. By presenting our success stories, a sense of emulation is developed that encourages brands to go even further in their CSR policy.

This year, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! We would not have got here without the companies that have made a commitment alongside us. Maisons du Monde has placed its trust in us since 2016 and success is on the programme: more than one customer out of two rounds up his shopping basket by making a micro-donation to one of the environmental associations supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation. The brand’s teams are very committed and invite customers to take part in small solidarity-based activities.

The ARRONDI en caisse operation is an excellent opportunity for my team to better understand Maisons du Monde’s commitment via its Foundation with its fight to preserve forests and recycle wood. It is also an opportunity to get our customers to participate in our commitment by inviting them to donate a few centimes for an environmental association.

Eco-mobilier has been a partner of the Sustainable Creation Awards since its launch. For us, it is an excellent opportunity to raise the awareness of young designers about eco-design before they join the labour market. Maisons du Monde combines style and sustainability, illustrating that the question of the end-of-life of products needs to be considered from the design phase.

The technical department ensures the brand’s environmental performance. In 2018, we continued to help stores to improve waste sorting and find new recycling sectors. We optimise energy consumption via regular monitoring: stores equipped with LED, improvement of control systems, modernisation of heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems, etc.

A national partnership between Maisons du Monde and the Emmaus movement was launched in May 2017. Since then, the brand has donated furniture and decorations taken out of its sales circuit to Emmaus. The people welcomed by our structures tell us daily about how proud they are to receive, repair, and sell the products donated by Maisons du Monde, a feeling that, all too often, has disappeared from their life. This partnership allows helps to give furniture a second lease of life: its environmental impact is considerable!

Last year, I was lucky enough to experience a great moment of international solidarity thanks to the programme proposed by Maisons du Monde. I travelled to Benin in September with the NGO Planète Urgence to help 2nd year primary students learn French. I wanted to help by offering my skills and since I am particularly sensitive to humanitarian causes, this mission was perfectly adapted to me!

The Grandir solution helped to develop my skills and confirm what I had already learned. I can now say that the training opened up new horizons for me, other ways of seeing things and of ensuring my future functions as a manager. This reassures me and makes me want to go even further.

Every day, Maisons du Monde products are received or returned damaged to the warehouse. After verification by the logistics teams, the products can be forwarded to the joinery workshop. In this space, we sand, paint, and repair so that the life span of the furniture can be prolonged. We value the joiner’s work: each item of furniture is different and requires the work of a skilled tradesman. In 2018, we formed a partnership with an ESAT (centre providing care through employment) in Arles in order to increase the skills of their employees and also increase our repair capacities.

Your questions

As wood is at the heart of our furniture offer, we pay particular attention to our suppliers. We ensure that the wood we propose is legal and does not lead to deforestation. For us, labels are the best way to guarantee that the wood comes from forests managed responsibly, due to the implementation of a traceability chain until the forest certification. In our catalogue, more than 1,000 wood products are certified FSC® or PEFC™.

Our conviction: our furniture and home accessories deserve a second life. Because they are stylish, because it’s good for the planet, because it creates jobs. We have studied multiple solutions to avoid throwing products away and make your life easier. We cannot currently take back your old furniture, but we can help you to give it to the right place. Our partners Ecomobilier and La fibre du tri will inform you of where the nearest collection point is located, in particular associations which reuse furniture or textiles. These associations which are part of the social and solidarity economy offer to repair or renovate products so that they can set off for new adventures in new homes.

The ARRONDI en caisse operation at French stores offers our customers the chance to donate a few centimes to an association selected by the Foundation and the brand’s employees. 100% of the donations collected are paid to associative projects. Of course, the customer is free to make a donation or not. In 2018, the ARRONDI en caisse operation allowed 3,271,277 micro-donations to be collected, namely €406,878. Four associations benefited from this operation in 2018: Forestever, Envol Vert, Ishpingo and AICO.

The “1% for the planet” movement is an international initiative to which Maisons du Monde has adhered since 2013. This network brings together philanthropic companies which pay part of their profits to social causes. At Maisons du Monde, we have chosen to pay 1% of the benefits generated by our traced wood, recycled wood, or eco-design products to the Maisons du Monde Foundation, which works to preserve forests and recycle wood under the aegis of the Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme created by Nicolas Hulot. Far from being a trivial amount, about €460,000 is paid to environmental associations every year thanks to our customers’ choice of responsible consumption.

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