Our commitments
in 2019

Purchase like partners

Long-term relationships with our suppliers!

Designlike visionaries

Furniture that is as beautiful as it is ecological!

Tradelike citizens

Our retail outlets are all environmentally-friendly!

Commitlike enthusiasts

Because we take care of all environments!

Our relationships with our suppliers are key to producing the collections devised by our stylists. Through an approach based on progress, we are devoted to building a long-term relationship and fostering partnerships which allow us to combine sustainability and creativity.

Our stakes

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Sustainable management of resources

64% of the wood furniture offering

meets a sustainability criterion (traced wood, certified wood, recycled wood, eco-design product) namely 1,946 references.

2020 Ambition : Systematise the use of wood from sustainably managed forests.

71% of our Indian furniture suppliers

committed to our traceability programme with the Earthworm Foundation.

2020 Ambition : 100% of Indian strategic suppliers committed to the programme.

Our suppliers

1,064 suppliers

are signatories of the Supplier code of conduct, 85% of buying volumes.

2020 Ambition : 100% of our suppliers are signatories of the code of conduct.

115 social audits

were conducted on our strategic suppliers in 2019, bringing the total to 63% audited over the past two years.

2020 Ambition : 100% of our strategic suppliers audited according to social criteria every two years.

Control of chemical substances

96% of suppliers

are signatories of the chemical substances specifications.

2020 Ambition : 100% of suppliers signatories of the chemical substances specifications.

More than 1,900 tests

were carried out in 2019, compared to 1,300 in 2018.

2020 Ambition : Anticipated replacement of non-regulated chemical substances that pose a problem.

Our actions
in 2019

They talk about it
better than us!

Julie Walbaum
Maisons du Monde's CEO

In 2019, we sped up the spread of our commitments internally : by naming professional experts to manage CSR roadmaps under the responsibility of each executive committee member. I have set CSR goals for each of them in order to make it everyone’s responsibility.

Maisons du Monde pursues its commitment alongside the Club Génération Responsable by mobilizing its teams and customers around the "Together for the climate" operation. In June 2019, the operation gathered 15 brands, 15,000 points-of-sale and 150,000 collaborators across the French territory. Together they have raised more than €55,000 in aid of the association « Arbres & Paysages », which represents 5,500 trees planted on French agricultural lands!

I am proud that the Emmaüs Up workshop won the Emmaüs Repurposing Awards . Beyond this contest, it is stimulating to see the pleasure that this workshop brings in everyday life. The members blossom and we have very positive feedbacks from our customers regarding the sale of our objects. Winning this award really is a recognition and an encouragement to continue what we do.

Our field teams support Maisons du Monde and its suppliers for almost 10 years now. They work according to a visionary approach: the company implements tracking tools in order to know the exact origin of the furnitures’ wood. Their customers are then informed in full transparency of the origin and history of products through a QR code system.

The support provided by Maisons du Monde ensures a sustainable business relationship with suppliers. The local support of the company enabled us to implement measures that improve the social and legal compliance of our factory: installation of an effective firefighting system, first-aid training for our employees, provision of PPE kits and explanations on their use and importance…

Mixing with volunteers sent by the NGO Planète Urgence as part of Solidarity Leave® encourages open-mindedness of students in our school: children build confidence and enrich their vocabulary. Parents, who are mostly artisans or farmers, also appreciate these missions of solidarity because they enable them to share their know-how with the volunteers. It is a true cultural exchange.

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